People Want to Get Back in the Building. Are They Ready?

Get a snapshot of your congregants’ overall sentiments about coming back to in-person services.

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Here's What the Returning to Church Check-in Tells You

Should you embrace the new digital reality of faith-driven streaming services, or strategize for resuming in-person services safely? 

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Sentiment Analysis & Congregant Attitudes

Find out how your people feel about worshiping in face masks, attending in-person services while social distancing, and more.

Where Your People Need You⁠—Now 

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“I know churches are now faced with difficult decisions in uncharted waters as they navigate the choice of how and when to resume in-person ministries and how to carry out these ministries safely. The Returning to Church Check-in can serve as a trusted guidepost for making strategic decisions about our future.”

Find out how your people need you with bonus questions that show how this time has impacted their jobs, finances, relationships, and spiritual health.